Meet people, get inspired, experience something a little different

From the people you meet to the nibbles you nibble, at BIO we’re big into the little details. We are fanatical about all the facets that come together to make a brilliant meet up, because if you feel at home - you’re more likely to be yourself.

Keep scrolling to read how we roll.

BIO Networking

where we meet

unique locations


From tailors to galleries to …

Board rooms can be boring, as can spaces that are vast and sterile. We spend much of our working-lives in uninspiring locations, so why spend your precious non-working hours there too? We don’t think you should, that’s why we hand pick interesting locations that spark creativity and conversation.

Always changing and always interesting.


Some of our local haunts

  • Tailors

  • Bars

  • Galleries

  • Private Dining Rooms

  • Shared Work Spaces


we bring the content


james-pond-185593-unsplash (1).jpg

talk to me

Talking’s great, but sometimes so is listening. To make sure each BIO event is interesting, we introduce you to our host for the night. This person will take us on a journey throughout the meet-up and talk briefly on a trending subject that sparks interest. From wine-makers to corporate giants we’ve cherry picked topics that are relevant to all businesses - from retaining your talent to the ever looming robots and AI tech, there’s a little something for everyone. 


Some hot topics

  • Leadership & Development

  • Human Centered Design

  • Getting to your ‘Why’

  • AI Intelligence

  • Social Selling





food worth nibbling, and drinks worth sipping

There’s no worse feeling than when you turn up to an event expecting food, and then you find out that there’s only stale crackers… or worse yet, nothing at all. We know that part of feeling comfortable and at home, is being well fed and watered - so we bring the goods every time. And they’re delicious.


Break it down

Like our locations, we change up our caterers all the time so no one get’s bored. Here’s an idea of the type of bites you can expect.

  • Breakfast meets: pastries, savoury bites, fruits and your caffeine fix of tea or coffee

  • Evening meets: mini sandwiches, charcuterie / cheese boards, fruits, nuts & snackable bites

  • Hydration: wine, beer, soft drinks and water


we’re all about

The Journey

BIO 6.jpg

What is your story?

We’ve ditched swapping business cards* and traded it for learning about people behind the Titles, because we’re all about the journey. And the stories along the way. We’ve found the conversation is a lot more interesting that way.

*sometimes, if we’re in the mood, we may actually swap business cards. 


What does this mean?

  • Be yourself, you’re you - not your Company

  • Keep the chat interesting

  • We don’t use name tags, because, well… just ask!