Our Story


BIO was founded by Jon (with the network) & Franky (with the penchant to make things pretty). The brainchild of Jon who is known by his clients for his communications skills, the ability to make every client feel valued, and for connecting people. Learning at an early age from his parents (who ran their family business) that it’s not what you know, but who you know and the power of relationship can literally take you anywhere in the world, landing here from the UK in Sydney in 2010 with his Aussie wife.


Raised in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, Franky’s unconventional upbringing has seen her reside in cities the world over - from London to Dubai, to Sydney and finally Melbourne where she is now settled with her bearded Hubby and furry feline friends. Franky’s key driver has always been people, and more importantly what makes them tick. Fascinated by all things emotional intelligence related and with a brain that is creatively wired, she founded Frankly Creating to help Start Ups get a leg up and launch their businesses, equipped with the knowledge, know-how and branding to succeed in their respective markets. With a background in Theatre and a career in Marketing and Communications, Franky has many stories under her belt and is always game for a conversation.  


Together Jon and Franky founded BIO to bring together people from all walks of life, to share stories, get creative and help people on their journey.

our mission

Being Expats themselves, Jon & Franky want to make a difference to their members journeys. We are all looking for new ways to learn, collaborate, further our careers or service our clients in a better way. Our goal is to create a community to help our members connect and thrive in a different way, building long lasting relationships - because ALL good relationships have a BIO (or story).