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If you ask us, the membership cost is invaluable. After all, what would you pay for life-long friendships and business connections that open doors of all shapes and sizes? But, much like proud soccer mom’s, we’re bias… so keep reading and make up your own mind.


What you get

So, what do members actually get by being part of the BIO network?

BIO Networking

Monthly Meet Ups: Emails are great, conversations are better.

Drumroll please… BIOs main event, monthly meet ups with a difference.

At BIO we’ve hand-picked everything from the venue to the nibbles, to make sure we create the perfect environment to make you feel at home. We don’t just plonk people in a room and leave them to awkwardly mingle. BIO events are so much more. Jon and Franky will be on hand to welcome, chat and introduce you to valuable connections that are worth talking to – whether you share an interest or a business need.  From keynote speakers to prizes, we keep things interesting and break the confines of what you would expect from a networking group. We work together to help our members solve problems, build their businesses, further their careers or develop themselves. We give people a platform to tell their story and make valuable connections. 

Bio Network

Newsletter*: It’s not your average mail out.

As a member you’ll get one, seriously epic email hurled into your inbox each month. The difference with this newsletter is - it’s worth reading. Heck, maybe even printing.

There’s no waffling, we get right to the point and cut through the usual inbox fluff. We’ll recap what was covered at the latest BIO meet (in case you missed it), along with a little bio on the evening’s host to bring you up to speed and save you LinkedIn stalking, and then… we look forward. We’ll give you insight into what’s going on in Sydney outside of the BIO bubble. From local events to large scale conferences and launches we keep you in the loop. We’ll also serve up useful nuggets to keep things interesting, from jaw-dropping podcasts to MUST-reads and anything else we think is (seriously) worth sharing.

*Non-members receive a different newsletter which is stripped back to basics. It’ll keep you in the loop on upcoming BIO news but it doesn’t give you access to the juicy content the members get.

BIO Networking

Online Members Hub: Your personal sounding board.

Ever left a room and wished you’d asked that question (which you’ve only just remembered)?

Well, fear not. BIOs online community of members gives you access to that room permanently, so you can ask to your hearts content.  Our members (only) hub acts as a collaborative sounding board; brimming with clever and creative minds, our online community allows you to continue the conversation outside of events. Members tend to drive the debate, though sometimes we may stoke the fire or throw in a curve ball in to keep things interesting. From business advice to introductions and career support, this community is an honest, genuine and respectful space in which we all contribute – don’t make it weird.

BIO Network

Dinner Dates – Because a group of minds is often better than one.

Our exclusive networking dinner series gets you a coveted seat at the table… and there aren’t many.

Deliberately kept small, our intimate dinners enable you to openly discuss your challenges and opportunities, both personal and professional.  What is said at the table, stays at the table, so you can speak in confidence while tapping into years of business experience – from entrepreneurial wizards to professionals at the top of their game. So, whether you want to chat through trials and tribulations/roadblocks, ask for help, float an idea, or just fancy a stellar 3 course meal, this is just the ticket. Keep your eye out for these as it’s first come, first serve and seats go quick.

*Separate costs apply

BIO Network

Benefits (wink wink) – Who doesn’t love a little VIP status…

As we build our network, we will be expanding and diversifying our swanky discounts.

The premise is simple, there’s power in numbers (and connections) which means that we can, on occasion, get you our members a discount. Stay tuned as we’ll be rolling these out soon.


BIO Networking

dollars & cents

the cost

We have deliberately kept the cost of BIO accessible, because we believe that everyone should have the right to make meaningful connections and appreciate that some of you may still be starting out in your journey.



$100 per month + GST



$1000 for 12 months + GST (2 months free)


If you’re thinking, hmmm $100 seems a lot. Let’s break it down in to what that could look like for you…

MEMBERSHIP COST = $100 per month

…OR 1 round at the bar

BIO Membership

Choose to invest in you, we think you’re worth it.

BIO Network